A personal shopper to get your essentials when you don’t have the time or a Shanghai shopping guide with local knowledge and bargaining expertise, whichever it is, Shop My Shanghai will help you shop Shanghai.

Shanghai Personal Shopper
You make the list and call us, we do the shopping, you receive the delivery. It’s as simple as that. Whether, like everyone else in Shanghai, you work too much, or your out-of-town clients only have time for work, or you have 2 kids at home, your personal shopper will get your shopping done for you when you can’t shop yourself. Your personal shopper takes your requests, searches out the best value, and returns with your purchases.

Shanghai Shopping Guide
Your Shanghai shopping guide will act as your interpreter, tour guide, personal shopping consultant, negotiator (if you wish), personal assistant, and concierge, as well as offer you local insider knowledge.

Need dinner reservations?  Show tickets?  Restaurant recommendations? Flight reconfirmation?  No problem, your guide has you covered.

Your guide can also assist you with shipping your purchases home.

Listed below are some favorite shopping tours of Shanghai, but each will be customized to your requests and can be combined for a full day of shopping in Shanghai. If you want an even more personalized Shanghai shopping service, we can create a totally new shopping experience tailored to your needs.

Markets & Bargaining

shopshanghai1 If you love to bargain, or you just love the end result—lower prices—then this trip is for you. The markets (sometimes referred to as ‘the fake markets’) are filled with shoes, clothes, jewelry, bags, Chinese-style items, watches, and sunglasses. There are even markets devoted solely to electronics and electronic accessories.

Antiques & Curios

shopshanghai3 Whether it’s that perfect piece of furniture for your home, or the more unusual items, you prefer something that’s a little older and a little more unique. In this trip you can shop for antique furniture and wall hangings as well as embroidery, ceramics, wooden articles, jewelry, Chinese antiques, Chinese furniture,and knick knacks.

Fabrics & Tailors

shopshanghai2 Looking for that perfectly fitted garment, but can’t seem to find it on any store rack, then this trip to the tailors for tailor-made clothing in China will take care of that. If you can dream it, draw it, or find it in a magazine, then they can make it, from wedding gowns to suits to winter coats to traditional Chinese-style dresses. Requires at least 1 week.

High Fashion & Designers

shopshanghai4 With your personal Shanghai shopping tour you can shop top international designer brands: Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, Cartier, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, and many more.

Design your Own

You’ve already done all the research on shopping in Shanghai and you know where you want to go, now you just need someone to take you there and translate for you. Then, we’re here to serve you.

If none of the above suit your shopping passions, just let us know how we can serve you and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your personal Shanghai shopping tour.

Shanghai Shopping Tours

Each custom Shanghai shopping tour includes:

• Car and driver—If you choose the inclusive package, you will have a luxury car or van, depending on the size of your group. Each is fully insured with a clean record.

• Cell Phone—For groups of two or more, we provide a cell phone, pre-programmed with your guide’s number. This is for your added comfort, just in case you get separated from your guide.

• Shopping Guide—After you book your tour, we’ll email you some additional information related to your package. For example, on the Markets & Bargaining trip, we’ll give you information on bargaining techniques, approximate prices, as well as other tips.