Our pricing structure helps keep your shopping tour flexible and fully customizable. Since prices are per hour no matter which tour you choose, you can combine two tours in one full-day, and it’s the same price per hour. All prices listed below are per hour with a specified minimum number of hours. If you choose a package without transportation, we can recommend taxis, subway, or buses depending on your destination, urgency, and budget; however, you are responsible for your and your guide’s fare. If you require a car driver for a small group, please inquire for pricing.

Type of Tour Min. Length of Time Pricing (per hour)
Individual or Small group 2 hours CNY 160 for the first person,
CNY 40 / ea. additional person.
Large group
(6 or more)
4 hours CNY 600, incl. transportation
Multi-day within Shanghai 2 hours / session Discount available.
Suzhou / Hangzhou / Zhuji
(Yangtze River Delta area)
4 hours / session CNY 180 for the first person
CNY 40 / ea. additional person.
Personal Shopper 2 hours CNY 150



pink_smTerms & Conditionspink_sm


Upon confirmation of your custom Shanghai shopping trip, a deposit of 60% must be made by bank transfer or by credit card through PayPal® Email Payments. If you booked from your home country, please call us after your arrival in Shanghai to reconfirm your excitement to shop.If you wish to settle the balance by credit card or bank transfer, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the shopping experience. Otherwise, the remainder must be paid in cash (US Dollars or Chinese Yuan) at the time of the personal shopping tour. 


If for some reason you need to cancel, you are subject to a cancellation fee, which is based on the total price of your confirmed Shanghai tour and the time you cancel:
• 15% for tours canceled 7-21 days before
• 30% for tours canceled 3-7 days before
• Full deposit is forfeited for tours canceled within 3 days
Those shopping packages without transportation will be subject to only half of the above listed percentages and 25% for cancellations within 3 days. 

Rescheduling will be based upon availability and when possible, the deposit will be reapplied. In the case that we cannot initially accommodate your rescheduling request, we may suggest alternatives such as no transportation, two groups, or a different length of time. If no arrangement can be made, the cancellation fee at half of the above percentages will apply.


If you’d like to extend your custom Shanghai shopping tour, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to make the necessary arrangements; however, this is not guaranteed.


Throughout China, with the exception of luxury hotels, there is no service charge, nor any need to tip. Therefore, to be consistent with this practice tipping is not necessary; though, if you feel your personal assistant did a superb job, you are welcome to offer her a minor amount.


While shopping in Shanghai, you will encounter plenty of fake, pirated, and otherwise illegally copied goods. We can’t guarantee whether an item is genuine or not. In all cases, it is buyer beware. To better judge the authenticity, consider the selling price and also the retail location. While we do not encourage buying fake products, we do not prohibit it, and we recommend that you always obtain and keep any receipts.If you plan to buy expensive antiques or old furniture, please let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange to have an independent inspector join you. However, please note, antiques dated pre-1797 may not leave the country and all others need red wax seals.

Applicable Laws 

Any controversy or claim relating to the Shanghai shopping trip shall be settled through arbitration solely and exclusively in Shanghai, China, based on the terms listed here.


Shop My Shanghai subcontracts transportation from independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. Therefore, Shop My Shanghai will not be liable for any death, injury, baggage loss and damage, or any other loss that may occur due to any act or omission of such supplier.